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COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER – to eradicate over 650 micro-organisms We are the manufacturer for COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER. We are the leading supplier all over India for this product. It is supplied in liquid form. Packing in 1000 ml. & 4000 ml. amber glass bottles. For courier we need to use plastic, thus 1000 ml. plastic bottles. Pricing - Rs.1, 200/- per litre add cost of bottle add shipping charges This is for direct consumption. 250 ml. morning empty stomach; 250 ml. night before bedtime. In chronic cases double the dose. Best results if taken regularly for 45 to 60 days. Results can be noticed from 10th day onwards. Thereafter continue as required. MUST for Stomach Cleansing. Helps to DETOXIFY the Body. Useful for all Chronic Diseases / Disorders. Ayurveda principle - Without stomach cleansing, no disease would come under control. Course for one and all. Healthy persons need this as much as people suffering from disorders. Plants, Pets & Humans, all are benefitted with this. START YOUR JOURNEY TODAY....... At MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, we Diagnose and Correct for any & all Discomforts. This is done through Computerized NON INVASIVE method, completely Safe with No Side Effects. Colloidal Silver Water treatment in Mumbai. Colloidal Silver Water to start the corrections. MEHAK WELLNESS CENTER‘s specialization is GENETIC & AUTOIMMUNE corrections. NON-INVASIVE thus NO SIDE EFFECTS, 100% SAFE. Mainly working with CANCER cases. All types of CANCER are curable. WOMENS HEALTH, all female related issues handled successfully. Awarded: BEST CANCER SPECIALIST IN MAHARASHTRA A MUST for CANCER & HIV. Mehak latest news
COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER in MUMBAI MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, biggest manufacturer and supplier all over INDIA for COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER. Helps in eliminating 650 diseases / disorders related with parasites, pathogens, virus, fungal, bacteria in fact every micro organism. A MUST for every living person, animal and plants. A boon to CANCER & HIV patients. Available in 1000 & 4000 ml. jars. We supply ALL INDIA.
COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER We are the main manufacturers & suppliers of COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER for direct consumption by Humans, Pets & Plants. We supply all over India and have International clients regularly purchasing from us. This is 4th GENERATION technology where Ionized process is clubbed with charging. Safe to consume with No Side Effects. Results start showing in 7 days. Continue for 45 to 60 days for best results. Helps in eradicating 650 micro organisms, helpful in over 650 Diseases. MRP 1, 200/- per litre Packing 1000 ml. & 4000 ml. zindagi ki mehak
Cancer Diagnosis And Therapy What we do / how we tackle this issue. We conduct a test to reveal the Genetic component involved in this disease. On having the results for the Genes, Chromosomes, Auto Immune & Cancer specific areas, we are in a position to assess the damage done or possible damage in the near future. Our work is Non-Invasive. We work with Biofeedback & Radionics. Cancerous cells may be of any type or in any part of the system, makes no difference, the therapy remains the same. Being in Non-Invasive stream, we do not recommend Chemo-Therapy, Radiation, or Surgery. As far as possible we advise to avoid removal of any part from our body. Cause of Cancer is mainly due to Genetic factors, thus by working on the root cause and stabilizing the Genes, Chromosomes, Auto – Immune disorders and all parameters related with Cancer we are in a position to eradicate the Cancer cells without any side effects or danger to client’s life. Information on the spread of cancer cells in the system is important to tackle it from each and every cell / organ which it has invaded. Two main causes of activating Cancer are lack of Oxygen supply (Hypoxia) and Acidosis. Both these issues are taken into account for correction along with other related issues instigating / provoking / supporting Cancerous Cells. Non-Invasive therapy is administered, which could take 30 to 90 sittings depending on the nature and stage of cancer. Supplements are recommended for speedy recovery. Cancer Is Curable. Test costs Rs.18, 000/-. Therapy per sitting Rs.12, 000/- Cost of other related Therapies, Detoxification & Supplements / Frequency medication is recommended as per the patient’s budget.
DENGUE Anti dotes are available for DENGUE. We have heard and seen a number of deaths mainly in our capital DELHI, due to DENGUE. Inspite of spending huge sums on recovery, nothing much is achieved. We, at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE have a remedy for this. Anti dotes are available to control and terminate this. for anyone diagnosed with DENGUE, please contact immediately. This could save some precious lives.
TELOMERE DIAGNOSIS & THERAPY – NON INVASIVE THE ONLY CENTRE TO PROVIDE THIS SERVICE IN INDIA. • A compound structure at the end of a chromosome. • A telomere is a region of repetitive nucleotide sequences at each end of a chromosome, which protects the end of the chromosome from deterioration or from fusion with neighboring chromosomes. • Telomeres are critical for maintaining genomic integrity and studies show that telomere dysfunction or shortening is commonly acquired during the process of tumor development. Short telomeres can lead to genomic instability, chromosome loss and the formation of non-reciprocal translocations; and telomeres in tumor cells and their precursor lesions are significantly shorter than surrounding normal tissue. We at MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, provide services to diagnose the TELOMERS length / strength and help in correcting / lengthening the same. DIAGNOSIS & CORRECTION is possible by taking Supplement for its repair as well as through electronic source. With DIAGNOSIS, we are able to understand the life and length of TELOMERS, and accordingly if required, correct the same. Electronic correction involves giving corrective FREQUENCY, for TELOMERS as well as working on 12 Anti-Aging parameters. SUPPLEMENT: RS.12, 000/- (60 capsules / bottle) DIAGNOSIS with FEEDBACK: RS.5, 000/- (per sitting) [On an average minimum 8 TO 10 sittings are recommended]
CANCER CURE with COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER Colloidal silver has been reported to kill 650 micro-organisms, many of which are associated with human diseases. This does not automatically mean that taking colloidal silver will "cure" diseases "caused" by these germs. Colloidal silver only kills micro-organisms when they are in contact with it for a sufficient period of time The following is a partial list of the more than 650 diseases that colloidal silver has been reputed to be successful against: Acne, AIDS, Allergies, Appendicitis, Arthritis, Athlete's foot, Bladder inflammation, Blood parasites, Blood poisoning, Boils, Burns, CANCER, Candida, Cholera, Colitis, Conjunctivitis, Cystitis, Dermatitis, Diabetes, Dysentery, Eczema, Fibrositis, Gastritis, Gonorrhea, Hay fever, Herpes, Impetigo, Indigestion, Keratitis, Leprosy, Leukemia, Lupus, Lymphangitis, Lyme disease, Malaria, Meningitis, Neurasthenia, Parasitic infections: Viral, Fungal and Bacterial Pneumonia, Pleurisy, Prostate, Pruritus ani, Psoriasis, Purulent opthalmia, Rhinitis, Rheumatism, Ringworm, Scarlet fever, Septic conditions of the eyes, ears, mouth, and throat, Seborrhea, Septicemia, Shingles, Skin Cancer, Staphylococcus and Streptococcus infections, Stomach flu, Syphilis, Thyroid, Tuberculosis, Tonsillitis, Toxemia, Trachoma, all forms of virus, Warts, Whooping cough, Yeast infection, Stomach Ulcer, Canine parovirus and other Veterinary uses, and Fungal and Viral attacks on Plants. Simply spray diluted silver on the leaves and add to the soil. MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE is the main supplier, providing COLLOIDAL SILVER WATER all over INDIA, as well as it’s International contacts. We advise Healthy persons as well to consume this, as it would minimise the chances of falling sick, and safeguard from most diseases. Available in 1000 ml. and 4000 ml. MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE is a reputed name for CANCER cure – Diagnosis & Therapy on GENETIC & AUTO-IMMUNE.
KANGEN ALKALINE MIRACLE WATER – At MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, BOTH ARE AVAILABLE. You may pick up water for your daily consumption. Or get the unit installed at your premises for healthy alkaline miracle water for you and your loved ones. Cost for water Rs.200/- per litre. Cost of unit Rs.1, 55, 000/- to Rs.4, 00, 000/- as per your water requirement. DRINK WATER – DRINK HEALTHY WATER. We recommend the use of this water for all human beings especially CANCER patients. MEHAK WELLNESS CENTER‘s specialization is GENETIC & AUTO-IMMUNE disorders. NON-INVASIVE thus NO SIDE EFFECTS, 100% SAFE. Mainly working with CANCER cases. All types of CANCER are curable. zindagi ki jaan
RADIONICS in MUMBAI MEHAK WELLNESS CENTRE, working on NON-INVASIVE principles offers RADIONICS medication. 20, 000 frequencies. correct almost any DISEASE / DISORDER. Correction on GENETIC levels possible.