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ATOMY Inviting top MLM leaders for a Once in a Life Time Opportunity, to block your position on an E-Commerce platform. MLM for a Government backed unit, supported by our Indian Government, under Made in India. Products are made available by the OEM, whose products are being marketed by all top MLM companies, Pharmaceuticals and FMCG companies – to name a few AMWAY, MAC, ORIFLAME, JOHNSON & JOHNSON, AGEL, HERBALIFE, 4LIFE, L’OREAL, SEPHORA … Key Features: NO Joining Fee NO Monthly Purchases Can Sponsor only 2 IDS under your ID. / Depth Plan As per your last Position / Level held, get paid for 3 Generations (You, Your Children & Your Grand Children) 70% Payout – 44% Daily Matching / 20% of Global Turnover for Mastership Plan. Commissions are generated based on Team Sales. You need to keep your ID active by a small purchase of Rs.1, 500/- to 2, 000/- p.a. You sow the seeds for your next 2 Generations to sit back and enjoy the efforts put in by you. An Opportunity to start your career with an earning exceeding 1, 00, 000/- in the very first month, and reaching to a pension plan of Rs.60, 00, 000/- p.m. for 3 Generations. A NEVER HEARD OF PLAN. MAY NOT COME AGAIN, SO COME LETS GRAB IT, AND SECURE OUR LIFE AND THAT OF OUR NEXT 2 GENERATIONS. For Details you may contact me- DR RAJEEV PRAKASH MEHRA / 9773002888 /
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